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Celebrating Women

Brand Insight

Take an opportunity to reach out to a woman, who has had a great impact in your life.

What is a woman in today’s life? Does she command the respect she deserves? Is her life any better than the thousands of women who breathed their last, under the menace called ‘oppression’? Emancipation is the name of a new force sweeping the world in respect of women’s rights, equality, empowerment and respect. The day of the women has finally arrived in the 21st century.

Today’s woman is walking the path in equally strong strides alongside a man. She is equally smart, equally educated, equally confident, equally capable, equally skilled, equally poised.

However, the woman of today is still exposed to various forms of abuses and to think that once upon a time, women were worshipped. Being a female is a matter of birth; being a woman is a matter of age and being a lady is a matter of choice.

Gem. understands the plight of todays woman and the roles they play in our world. We will celebrate them through our range of products.

Celebrating Women

A woman plays many roles. That of a a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a mother, an aunt, a granny. But her roles do not end there. She is also a friend, philosopher, teacher, nanny, nurse, entrepreneur, manager, business executive and many many more. While today’s woman is juggling between various roles, she is still struggling to find her place in our society.

Take time to think about what the essence of a woman is …

She is just that – A Woman – A sweet little child who loves pink, that daring adolescent who tries her mother’s cosmetics while no one is looking, that aspiring young girl who is as worried about her studies, as she is about the latest fashion trends, that shy little bride who grabs her husband’s hand while yearning to earn respect in her new home, that experimenting parent who cares for her child like no one else and that confident entrepreneur who can shake the world (at least her own). She is just a woman. Celebrate Women. They are here; not to be judged, not to be toyed, not to be belittled but to be cherished, admired and loved.

We want men to start thinking of women in their entirety; to encourage them, be a source of inspiration and to love them for the roles they play in our families, homes and businesses.

Are you that man who can view women in the right spirit?
Are you that woman who can demand to be viewed in that spirit?

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