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Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday bottle is priceless and it’s up for grabs



“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead”

Why we need your donation

The Cause

As most of us know, 18 July 2018 would have been Nelson Mandela’s centenary year if he were still alive today.

100 years after his birth, Nelson Mandela is still having a positive impact on people’s lives. This special bottle of wine is helping to raise funds for the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital Oncology ward upgrade in Cape Town.

Gemma Mills at the age of 10 was diagnosed with ALL Leukaemia in December 2016 and she is now on her second year of maintenance after enduring a 6 month excruciating chemotherapy protocol at the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital, Oncology ward in Cape Town.

Gemma’s father, Martyn Mills, received this rare bottle as a good will gesture from Madiba’s eldest surviving daughter as he was preparing for the pre-launch of House of Mandela Wines in China.

By donating to this cause, we will help The Children’s Hospital Trust meet their target of R13.2 million as they have raised just over R10 million so far towards the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit upgrade.

How our donation process works

Donate to our Fundraiser

We will be using the Back A Buddy payment platform and you can donate as much as you like, but if you can, try and donate R100 as a minimum. You can make as many single R100 donations as you want.

Please include your name and contact details in the field that is on the Back A Buddy payment screen for ‘comments’ when donating. If depositing from outside South Africa please check your exchange rate at the time of donation. Alternatively you may just simply want to make a donation and remain anonymous.


The fund raising will end 30 September 2018.


Note: If you are lucky enough to win this bottle of wine, you need to know this; we strongly suspect that the wine in the bottle is overaged and not fit for consumption; however the rarity of this bottle and for whom it was created is special; it is in fact priceless.

Spread the love by making a donation and by sharing this link  to family, friends and associates, so that we can raise as much money as possible to help reach the R13.2m target, and who knows, you might be the new owner of this special and rare bottle.

It is Gemma who will randomly select one donor from all the entries and the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday bottle of wine will be gifted to that individual.
Fight Against Cancer


This fundraiser is an initiative in collaboration with Cupcakes of Hope is which is a non-profit company (NPC 2012/103028/08) and public benefit organisation (PBO 930053726) started by Sandy Cipriano in 2012. Their mission is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and provide funds for kids with cancer who are in need of medical and/or financial assistance.  The raised funds from the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday bottle of wine will be split thus: 35% to Cupcakes of Hope and 65% to Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit upgrade project.

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